The Sailor and the Sabbath

Sabbath Delights are like this: There was a Sailor who served 15 years in the Navy. He and his wife were looking forward to the blessing of retirement in five short years. But his next assignment would pose a challenge as it required him to work six days a week, including the Sabbath.

“Surely,” he thought, “I will request to work on the first day of the week (Sunday) so that I may worship Elohiym and remember the Sabbath on the seventh day (Saturday).”

The Commanding Officer denied the Sailor’s request, “You can go to church on your Sabbath, but you must return to work after church.”

“Surely the Sabbath is a delight,” said the Sailor. “There is only one thing I can do. I will exchange my retirement for Shabbat.”

Five years later, the Sailor fulfilled 20 years of service and retired with full benefits.

Here’s what happened…